Powered by Google App Engine Best Android Apps Android All-In-One Optimizer: ***COMING SOON***

The ONLY Android App that supercharges ALL 3 core components of your phone: Battery, Memory, and Processor(CPU)!


*1-Click Auto-Rooter IS COMING SOON! It's already about 96% done, were just working out the last major tweaks and bugs in order for it to reach the most phone builds. The 1-Click Auto-UnRooter is already complete and works great!

*Automatic Timed-Task Killer is also coming soon! Select the tasks that you want to save on your 'kill list' and set how long you want it to be in between your phone automatically killing the apps on your list! Never again worry about the apps popping right back up 5 minutes after you "killed" them. Android All-In-One will ensure you keep the absolutely MOST amount of memory and free resources possible at all times!

*1-Click Dalvik Cache and Regular Cache Cleaners.

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