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The ONLY Android App that supercharges ALL 3 core components of your phone: Battery, Memory, and Processor(CPU)!

Why choose Android All-In-One? (Reasons)

*We don't pride ourselves on cluttering our app and confusing you with hundreds of lines of useless information about every little piece of hardware on your phone.

*We DO pride ourselves on creating the most powerful Android App on the market that will finally allow users to FULLY optimize (or fix!) their phone in the absolute most simplest way possible! (And what's easier than a "1-Click" optimizing button right on the home screen?)

*Don't waste your money on loaded down apps with TONS of information but are cluttered, confusing, overpriced, and seldom actually do anything positive for you!

*Brand new technology not seen anywhere on the market!

*No other app like it, it is the first of it's kind because it not only optimizes ALL 3 core components of your Android (the battery, memory, and processor), but Android All-In-One is the first app to do each optimization in just 1 click!

*We are not a Giant Corporation who isn't going to listen to our clients when they have a request or a question or a comment for us. We honestly love hearing from our client base and fully welcome any comments that anyone may have regardless of the topic! :)

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