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The ONLY Android App that supercharges ALL 3 core components of your phone: Battery, Memory, and Processor(CPU)!


Hello loyal customers! It seems that we have "slipped through the cracks" lately when it comes to getting comments and ratings for our full version of AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer. While we know we have tons of satisfied customers who absolutely love our app, we ask that if you are one of those people, that you would please write a comment of your thoughts on our review board along with giving us a 5 star rating in the market. This truly means everything to us and it allows us to continue to bring you guys apps that literally turn your phone into the fastest of all Android phones! We have reports of Android phones going faster than even most laptops! We thank everyone for your support and look forward to bringing your more and more updates for your enjoyment and satisfaction! Thanks so much for everything as always!!

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

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  1. Yes I have the old version. Love the app does everything I need it to do does not work no more.that's why I can't find it in the app market.moyosatx@gmail.com
    Please fix this.


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