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Hello everyone, it seems that we have been forced to re-release AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer again totally fresh with a new package name. What this simply means is that anyone who already had our app, will just not be able to update from the old version to the new version due to Google not recognizing the package names to be the same android app. If this is you, and you are one of our customers who have already bought our app prior to this new package update, PLEASE EMAIL US AND LET US KNOW! We will work everything out so that you will be able to get updates as well. Thanks again everyone and we hope you enjoy all the new upgrades as your phone will be even better with the newest version. :)

AnDroid Team X


  1. How long does it take for one to recieve the new app afyer we paid for the original one? How would we get it?

  2. Simply email us at android.teamx@gmail.com with your full name used for purchasing the original app, your phone build, and what date you purchased it originally and we will be glad to send you a copy of the newest updated release. :)

  3. Hey guys I bought ur app a long while ago and can't remember date but my name is Brian west at neonbender22@gmail.com. Have a endiSamsung Galaxy s3 i535


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