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The ONLY Android App that supercharges ALL 3 core components of your phone: Battery, Memory, and Processor(CPU)!

Brand New Technology!???

*Brand NEW optimizing technology!

  Dedicated SmartReflex hardware implements a feedback loop - without processor intervention
which optimizes the voltage levels to account for differences in the manufacturing process, temperature   and silicon degradation. And it will be even able to Enable system for hitting retention during idle! This is only a few aspects of the app that make it totally in it's own league. We will reveal more as time goes on and updates are made available!

That means that after you install SMART CPU, your phone will automatically get rid of background processes, use the least voltages while your screen is off, give you the most power while it's on while using the least power, and all without you ever having to do more than press the button once every time you restart your phone!

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