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We just wanted to formally say that we ARE sorry that we haven't released an update in almost a week. The reason for this is because we have put absolutely everything on halt until we can come up with a working universal automatic rooting functionality that should work with most Android phones, and permanently! I don't know what the "rumors" are that the root won't be permanent, but we haven't been working 12-15 hour days 7 days a week just to offer our loyal customers a "temporary" root solution! We want to give you the REAL DEAL! That being said, we DO have many MANY more spectacular updates coming that we can't even begin to name them all, and we appreciate everyone being so patient with us! Remember, ANY questions or comments are totally welcomed by us and we actually encourage it! Shoot us an email at AnDroid.TeamX@gmail.com and let us know how we're doing so far!

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