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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hello Loyal Fans and Users. Unfortunately, Google has removed every single app created by us
from the Android market because of our "Anonymous Multiple Texter" app. Although it has been
on the market for months, and although there are literally over 50 other apps that do exactly
the same thing (not as good I might add), they decided that because we released this
app...that we can no longer make apps for you guys anymore and put them on Google Play. It
MAY be possible to write them and let them know that you would like us to be able to come
back to Google Play? But we are not sure at all. We are also trying to appeal the decision
right now (3/22/2013), but we have no idea if they will accept it. Maybe the more fans we get
emailing them, the more likely we will be to be able to come back?  Either way, we understand
that you , our loyal fans (and future fans!), should not have to suffer and have slow/non-
optimized Android phones just because we can't release them on the Monopoly of the Google
Play Market. So, because of this... HERE is a free download link if you would still like to
enjoy this app! By the way, WE ARE VERY SORRY THIS HAS HAPPENED!

AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer


Battery Super Charger


Super Internet Booster


Super System & Battery


The Anonymous Multi-Texter


The Deeper Sleeper Pro


eXtreme Memory & CPU


Ultra Android Omega Toolset