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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


That's right loyal fans, we went ahead and added in the battery calibrator in which will tell you exactly how long you have left on your battery (if its not charging) or how long you have until the battery is completely full (if it is charging). We know that it takes a few extra minutes than most apps do during calibration, but there are many reasons as to why this is better than that method:

*We don't use general battery settings and think every phone is the exact same (every battery has DIFFERENT amounts of "wear and tear" so therefore should be calibrated separately!

*We don't think everyone uses the same amount of apps, have the phone on the same amount of time, nor do we think any 2 people do the exact same things on their Android phone! Therefore calibration will allow for complete customized reading SPECIFICALLY for YOUR battery!

*Don't worry, once it's done, IT'S DONE! It will remember your calibration even if you update the app, turn off the phone, or exit the app! The only way it will re-calibrate to your battery is if you touch where it says how much time is left. If not, it will always be there until you uninstall :)

*It's important to realize that battery discharges at different rates when your phones screen is on and when it is off. By using our calibration method in the background, (by pressing home during calibration after you open the app instead of back or the exit menu option) it will accurately calibrate your battery time left/charge time according to your personal usage/app settings. Because everyone is different, how could we ever just have an app that tells you your battery time left when it doesn't even calibrate a custom time to your CUSTOM battery? Doesn't make sense to use anything else anymore does it! :) We agree :)

It's just that easy! Enjoy ;)

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello fans! Were here with yet another update for you guys and this one is wonderful! Yes, by request, we've added new crucial battery information for you that everyone must know! 1. How long, as in hours and minutes, do you have until your battery is empty. And 2. How long you have until your battery is full when it's charging!  (We've also added various interface improvements as well as the temperature and some other things :)  We feel that everyone should know not only the percentage of their battery (And then have to basically guess how long that is) but also exactly how long they have until it's either dead, or fully charged. This way you can plan accordingly with any of the things you would want to plan for in life that you will NEED YOUR PHONE! Everyone needs their phone, more at sometimes than others, DON'T LET YOURS DIE ON YOU!! It's just that easy ;)

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X