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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Recently we have had a couple people e-mail us telling us that after they used our free version of our app, that they seemed to of lost battery life. We are writing this page because this is simply just not possible. In the free version of our app, the "Supercharge Battery" function is completely DISABLED and there are absolutely no functions in the free-version that will effect your battery or its settings in ANY way shape or form whatsoever. We recommend checking with all of your other android applications that mess with your internal settings and think about every app that you have installed that week if you are experiencing battery issues or loss after using our free version of our AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer. We have left this superior function to not only EXTEND your battery life, but also make your battery CHARGE FASTER to the people who support us enough to purchase the full-version. We REALLY appreciate the support and as a courtesy, we have only allowed the battery supercharging to function in our full-version. That being said, it's impossible for the free version to effect your battery in any way. If you ARE experiencing battery problems, we recommend downloading the full version to get your battery settings (not only) back to normal but also get them supercharged to their fullest potential. To re-iterate: the FREE version CANNOT change ANYTHING that has to do with your battery! PLEASE do not blame our free version for anything that happens to your battery! Thanks very much and any other questions, don't hesitate to write us and ask or just tell us what you think! For those thousands and thousands who DO support us, PLEASE PLEASE remember to leave us a 5-star and a good review telling us how much you love our app and why! It TRULY means the world to us and we love to randomly refund money to those who leave us good reviews on our paid version! Thanks again and as always~

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

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