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Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Latest News (ie. overheating issue)

     We had a few minor set-backs that cost us a couple days (FileSystem changes/updates) but now we are back on track! We have read the recent comments about some of the HTC Androids experiencing overheated phones after supercharging. We want to make sure that everyone knows to only use settings on their phone (such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, etc.) when absolutely necessary. Also, use the task killer to kill tasks (automatic task killer is in the works) that you aren't currently using. All of these things being ran on your phone can lead to over heating. That being said, we are diverting our attention (temporarily) from the auto-rooter to this issue and are revamping our functions to be more "temperature friendly". The SMART CPU is designed to keep this from happening, but on a few of the HTC phones, if they are unrooted, the SMART CPU is unable to access and implement these smart functions into the processor. This is another reason we are working so hard to get this auto-rooter on the Market ASAP!! We really appreciate the comments and support and will get a response update out very very soon (if not today!)

      We want to remind everyone that we completely are not happy with anything less than 100% satisfaction from our loyal customers and will not stop until we have reached this goal with 0 bugs or problems. We PROMISE that this current period in time will be the longest we go without releasing an update, and it is ONLY due to the auto-rooter and us wanting it to be perfect and totally universal. We sincerely apologize to those who have experienced problems and as you can see, of the 3 errors we have had reported, they were fixed within 2 days (2 of them the next day). We don't mind releasing smaller updates just to get a fix out for everyone. And we also look very forward to our next update to give you guys faster and better phones than your friends!!!