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The ONLY Android App that supercharges ALL 3 core components of your phone: Battery, Memory, and Processor(CPU)!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Local Progress Updates

UPDATE: Version 1.9 Released!

*FIXED!!x2 : MEGA Memory I/O Error for older phone versions.
*Supercharge Battery Improved!
*Menu Buttons for Auto-Rooter added (99% done)
(We're sorry! We needed to get this improvement out there! Auto Root/Unroot very VERY close!)

UPDATE: With the Auto-Rooter being essentially totally complete now, our systems have now caught 'the flu'. Somehow a malicious block of code has set our entire system mounted to "read only". This has been a major set back for us and we hope to get it fixed today so we can release the next update. :)

*Auto-Rooter (99%) - This function is almost completely done! We are just testing/debugging a few of the last "kinks" in the process and it will be ready to go for most devices! (Possibly excluding some of the very newest Android Models)  This function is the reason it's taking so long to get another update out there as we feel this is an absolutely crucial function for Android All-In-One. We fully appreciate your support and patients as we continue to strive to bring you excellence and nothing but the best in the most simplest form!

*Timed-Task Killer(70%) - This function is definitely 2nd priority but it is definitely very important! It's sort of like the "icing on the cake" for this app because (with the 'SMART' CPU button telling your processor to start freeing up memory from inactive apps & among many other optimizing changes) now Android All-In-One will intelligently release apps you don't need (with the option to save a list) automatically on a timer (that you set)!


*1-Click Cache Cleaners(45%):
*GUI Enhancements
*SD-Card Optimizer
*Specific information displays (for those who want them)
*many many more!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



*Supercharge battery cleans out clipboard, caches, among others.
*Upgraded SMART CPU
*Upgraded Memory Optimizer

*FIXED!! : MEGA Memory Button for non-rooted phones
- Coming Soon (Timed Task Killer)

*Added Full Working Task Killer
*Added Full working Uninstaller

*Improved Interface feel

*Various bugs fixed and performance added

*Smart Reflex Processor technology added!

*Better wake-lock control

*Faster battery charging

*Longer lasting battery

*MEGA Memory

*******************************COMING SOON**********************************

*First Priority = 1-click Automatic Rooter  - (Automatically allows you to "root" (or unlock) your Android to allow it to reach its full potential.)
**Unrooter is already finished!!

*Second Priority = Timed Task Killer  - (Automatically "kills" (releases from memory) a custom list of running apps that you can save and set to a timer of your choice.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Android All-In-One Released!

*Don't waste your money on loaded down apps with TONS of information but are cluttered, confusing, overpriced, and seldom actually do anything positive for you!

*The first of it's kind, Android All-In-One Optimizes and Repairs ALL 3 core components of your phone- Your battery, your memory, and your processor (CPU).

*Constant Updates and new 1-click Android functions will be added all the time.
*Supercharge your battery by extending it's life AND speeding up it's charge time with 1 click!
*Optimize all new processing speeds and a much more intelligent Processor with 1-click Smart CPU! A smarter AND easier way to let your processor do all the thinking with less battery usage!

*Unlock MEGA memory allowing your Android phone to understand speed it has never seen before! Response time will increase severely!

*Designed to be simple, each 1-click button is a powerhouse of functions (and even technology only found here!) that allows you to easily find, and run these Full optimizations/repairs for Every Aspect of your Android, not just some of them!

*Whether you're an experienced programmer looking to supercharge your phone
to all new heights, or you've just bought your first Android phone and you want to easily make everything better with just a button, the Android All-In-One gives you the power to unlock the TRUE potential of your phone like never before!

*Finally you can have the fastest phone among your friends!

*Brand NEW optimizing technology!
 Dedicated SmartReflex hardware implements a feedback loop - without processor intervention
 which optimizes the voltage levels to account for differences in the manufacturing process, temperature and silicon degradation. And it will be even able to Enable system for hitting retention during idle!