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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hello Loyal Fans and Users. Unfortunately, Google has removed every single app created by us
from the Android market because of our "Anonymous Multiple Texter" app. Although it has been
on the market for months, and although there are literally over 50 other apps that do exactly
the same thing (not as good I might add), they decided that because we released this
app...that we can no longer make apps for you guys anymore and put them on Google Play. It
MAY be possible to write them and let them know that you would like us to be able to come
back to Google Play? But we are not sure at all. We are also trying to appeal the decision
right now (3/22/2013), but we have no idea if they will accept it. Maybe the more fans we get
emailing them, the more likely we will be to be able to come back?  Either way, we understand
that you , our loyal fans (and future fans!), should not have to suffer and have slow/non-
optimized Android phones just because we can't release them on the Monopoly of the Google
Play Market. So, because of this... HERE is a free download link if you would still like to
enjoy this app! By the way, WE ARE VERY SORRY THIS HAS HAPPENED!

AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer


Battery Super Charger


Super Internet Booster


Super System & Battery


The Anonymous Multi-Texter


The Deeper Sleeper Pro


eXtreme Memory & CPU


Ultra Android Omega Toolset


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


That's right loyal fans, we went ahead and added in the battery calibrator in which will tell you exactly how long you have left on your battery (if its not charging) or how long you have until the battery is completely full (if it is charging). We know that it takes a few extra minutes than most apps do during calibration, but there are many reasons as to why this is better than that method:

*We don't use general battery settings and think every phone is the exact same (every battery has DIFFERENT amounts of "wear and tear" so therefore should be calibrated separately!

*We don't think everyone uses the same amount of apps, have the phone on the same amount of time, nor do we think any 2 people do the exact same things on their Android phone! Therefore calibration will allow for complete customized reading SPECIFICALLY for YOUR battery!

*Don't worry, once it's done, IT'S DONE! It will remember your calibration even if you update the app, turn off the phone, or exit the app! The only way it will re-calibrate to your battery is if you touch where it says how much time is left. If not, it will always be there until you uninstall :)

*It's important to realize that battery discharges at different rates when your phones screen is on and when it is off. By using our calibration method in the background, (by pressing home during calibration after you open the app instead of back or the exit menu option) it will accurately calibrate your battery time left/charge time according to your personal usage/app settings. Because everyone is different, how could we ever just have an app that tells you your battery time left when it doesn't even calibrate a custom time to your CUSTOM battery? Doesn't make sense to use anything else anymore does it! :) We agree :)

It's just that easy! Enjoy ;)

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello fans! Were here with yet another update for you guys and this one is wonderful! Yes, by request, we've added new crucial battery information for you that everyone must know! 1. How long, as in hours and minutes, do you have until your battery is empty. And 2. How long you have until your battery is full when it's charging!  (We've also added various interface improvements as well as the temperature and some other things :)  We feel that everyone should know not only the percentage of their battery (And then have to basically guess how long that is) but also exactly how long they have until it's either dead, or fully charged. This way you can plan accordingly with any of the things you would want to plan for in life that you will NEED YOUR PHONE! Everyone needs their phone, more at sometimes than others, DON'T LET YOURS DIE ON YOU!! It's just that easy ;)

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Recently we have had a couple people e-mail us telling us that after they used our free version of our app, that they seemed to of lost battery life. We are writing this page because this is simply just not possible. In the free version of our app, the "Supercharge Battery" function is completely DISABLED and there are absolutely no functions in the free-version that will effect your battery or its settings in ANY way shape or form whatsoever. We recommend checking with all of your other android applications that mess with your internal settings and think about every app that you have installed that week if you are experiencing battery issues or loss after using our free version of our AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer. We have left this superior function to not only EXTEND your battery life, but also make your battery CHARGE FASTER to the people who support us enough to purchase the full-version. We REALLY appreciate the support and as a courtesy, we have only allowed the battery supercharging to function in our full-version. That being said, it's impossible for the free version to effect your battery in any way. If you ARE experiencing battery problems, we recommend downloading the full version to get your battery settings (not only) back to normal but also get them supercharged to their fullest potential. To re-iterate: the FREE version CANNOT change ANYTHING that has to do with your battery! PLEASE do not blame our free version for anything that happens to your battery! Thanks very much and any other questions, don't hesitate to write us and ask or just tell us what you think! For those thousands and thousands who DO support us, PLEASE PLEASE remember to leave us a 5-star and a good review telling us how much you love our app and why! It TRULY means the world to us and we love to randomly refund money to those who leave us good reviews on our paid version! Thanks again and as always~

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello everyone, just wanted to post another update for you. We have officially created one of the most extensive TRUE cache cleaners on the market right now! And now we have re-vamped the cache cleaner with 6 different methods of cleaning and ways to hit every area of your Android's unnecessary files to ensure optimum cleaning for everyone! If you noticed some cache files still being left before, now we have got it completely right! PLEASE PLEASE leave us a good review with a 5 star rating if you feel we are successful at this SO WE CAN CONTINUE to bring you top-of-the-line Android apps! As always...

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X


Hello loyal fans! We are proud to present AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer's newest addition - Super SD Card Booster! That's right, by request, we have added a fully working SD Card Read Speed Booster for your enjoyment! Enjoy ;)

(Remember, if you like out app, please rate us 5 stars and give us a good review!) There's nothing that means more to our team than when we have a customer give us a good review on the market along with a 5 star rating. THAT is the reason we make Android apps! For your COMPLETE and utter satisfaction ONLY!  Thanks again everyone and as always:

Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team X

Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Latest News (ie. overheating issue)

     We had a few minor set-backs that cost us a couple days (FileSystem changes/updates) but now we are back on track! We have read the recent comments about some of the HTC Androids experiencing overheated phones after supercharging. We want to make sure that everyone knows to only use settings on their phone (such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, etc.) when absolutely necessary. Also, use the task killer to kill tasks (automatic task killer is in the works) that you aren't currently using. All of these things being ran on your phone can lead to over heating. That being said, we are diverting our attention (temporarily) from the auto-rooter to this issue and are revamping our functions to be more "temperature friendly". The SMART CPU is designed to keep this from happening, but on a few of the HTC phones, if they are unrooted, the SMART CPU is unable to access and implement these smart functions into the processor. This is another reason we are working so hard to get this auto-rooter on the Market ASAP!! We really appreciate the comments and support and will get a response update out very very soon (if not today!)

      We want to remind everyone that we completely are not happy with anything less than 100% satisfaction from our loyal customers and will not stop until we have reached this goal with 0 bugs or problems. We PROMISE that this current period in time will be the longest we go without releasing an update, and it is ONLY due to the auto-rooter and us wanting it to be perfect and totally universal. We sincerely apologize to those who have experienced problems and as you can see, of the 3 errors we have had reported, they were fixed within 2 days (2 of them the next day). We don't mind releasing smaller updates just to get a fix out for everyone. And we also look very forward to our next update to give you guys faster and better phones than your friends!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Local Progress Updates

UPDATE: Version 1.9 Released!

*FIXED!!x2 : MEGA Memory I/O Error for older phone versions.
*Supercharge Battery Improved!
*Menu Buttons for Auto-Rooter added (99% done)
(We're sorry! We needed to get this improvement out there! Auto Root/Unroot very VERY close!)

UPDATE: With the Auto-Rooter being essentially totally complete now, our systems have now caught 'the flu'. Somehow a malicious block of code has set our entire system mounted to "read only". This has been a major set back for us and we hope to get it fixed today so we can release the next update. :)

*Auto-Rooter (99%) - This function is almost completely done! We are just testing/debugging a few of the last "kinks" in the process and it will be ready to go for most devices! (Possibly excluding some of the very newest Android Models)  This function is the reason it's taking so long to get another update out there as we feel this is an absolutely crucial function for Android All-In-One. We fully appreciate your support and patients as we continue to strive to bring you excellence and nothing but the best in the most simplest form!

*Timed-Task Killer(70%) - This function is definitely 2nd priority but it is definitely very important! It's sort of like the "icing on the cake" for this app because (with the 'SMART' CPU button telling your processor to start freeing up memory from inactive apps & among many other optimizing changes) now Android All-In-One will intelligently release apps you don't need (with the option to save a list) automatically on a timer (that you set)!


*1-Click Cache Cleaners(45%):
*GUI Enhancements
*SD-Card Optimizer
*Specific information displays (for those who want them)
*many many more!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



*Supercharge battery cleans out clipboard, caches, among others.
*Upgraded SMART CPU
*Upgraded Memory Optimizer

*FIXED!! : MEGA Memory Button for non-rooted phones
- Coming Soon (Timed Task Killer)

*Added Full Working Task Killer
*Added Full working Uninstaller

*Improved Interface feel

*Various bugs fixed and performance added

*Smart Reflex Processor technology added!

*Better wake-lock control

*Faster battery charging

*Longer lasting battery

*MEGA Memory

*******************************COMING SOON**********************************

*First Priority = 1-click Automatic Rooter  - (Automatically allows you to "root" (or unlock) your Android to allow it to reach its full potential.)
**Unrooter is already finished!!

*Second Priority = Timed Task Killer  - (Automatically "kills" (releases from memory) a custom list of running apps that you can save and set to a timer of your choice.)